IONIQ Vision

IONIQ Sciences’ vision is to dramatically improve the cancer landscape with a modern solution at the point-of-care for early detection of multiple cancers thereby expanding the therapeutic window, significantly improving survivability, and reducing the cost of healthcare.

We envision a world where cancer is no longer feared – where it is readily treatable and no longer a financial burden. We will do this by making early cancer detection an integral part of annual wellness checks. Lives and money can be saved when cancer is detected at its earliest, most-treatable stages. Early detection is critical and IONIQ Sciences is at the forefront. We will not be satisfied until the scourge of cancer has been eliminated

IONIQ Platform

IONIQ Sciences is decoding the science of the body’s earliest response to the presence of cancer. 

The body’s electrical properties change due to the presence of cancer. The IONIQ System collects up to 13,125 data points as it measures these changes to determine the presence of cancer. By operating at the confluence of Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) or bioimpedance and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we believe our cutting-edge IONIQ System can non-invasively scan for cancer in the earliest stages of the disease. 

IONIQ Pipeline

IONIQ Sciences is following a strategic course to develop and commercialize the first ever FDA cleared Multi-Cancer Screen.

The first step on our quest to early detection at the point-of-care is commercializing our IONIQ ProLung Test, which has been designated a ‘Breakthrough Device‘ by the US FDA for its life-enhancing potential. We then plan to commercialize our IONIQ Breast Test, which has entered feasibility testing. 

By following the principles of scientific process, IONIQ Sciences will amass vast amounts of valuable clinical data to develop and commercialize the first ever FDA cleared Multi-Cancer Screen.


IONIQ Sciences has a growing and deeply passionate team of problem solvers focused on the early detection of cancer.

We have all been affected by the cold realities of cancer. At IONIQ, we have decided that it does not have to be that way any longer. We will continue our efforts to change the cancer landscape by conquering the challenges of early detection. We have harnessed our ambition to make a lasting contribution to the world.