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Together we can modernize early-stage cancer detection


Participate in our clinical trial and join over 1,400 people who are helping us modernize early-stage cancer detection!

How our technology works

Cancer changes the composition of the extracellular matrix. The IONIQ System measures the electrical impedance variation from these changes. By focusing on the body’s reaction to cancer, rather than the tumors themselves, the IONIQ System is able to non-invasively detect cancer in its earliest stages. 

How the test works

We will take several bioimpedance measurements at key points on your body over the course of 20 minutes. These measurements are non-invasive and essentially painless. The entire procedure, including preparation and testing, typically takes 1 hour to complete


Healthy participants will receive up to $100 for time and travel. Participants with a confirmed cancer diagnosis, a suspicious lung scan or mammogram will receive up to $150 for time and travel. 

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Clinical Evidence

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Modern Cancer Screen

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve worked with premier institutions around the world accumulating a substantial library of clinical evidence resulting in a Breakthrough Device designation from the US FDA for our IONIQ ProLung Test. From this foundation, we are transitioning from developing a single Lung Cancer Test to a Multi-Cancer Screen.