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Single Cancer Tests
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IONIQ Development Status

ProLung (Lung Cancer Test) - Multiple Studies Completed
Breast Cancer Test - In Feasibility Testing
Multi-Cancer Screen

The ProLung Test

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide

Shifting the diagnosis to the earliest stages of the disease can improve 5 year survivability from 17% to 80%

  • The IONIQ ProLung Test is designed to empower physicians to accelerate their diagnosis
  • The IONIQ ProLung Test has undergone 7 clinical trials
  • Over 1,200 subjects tested as part of our clinical trials
  • Designated ‘Breakthrough Device‘ by US FDA for its life-enhancing potential
  • Not available for sale in the USA

IONIQ Breast Test

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women

5 year survival for breast cancer is 5x higher in the earliest stage of the disease

  • Bench work started 2019
  • Feasibility study started January 2020 (ongoing)
  • Our preliminary data shows promise (published by IEEE)
  • Clinical validation trial to follow completion of feasibility studies
  • Not available for sale in the USA

We aim to be the first FDA cleared
Multi-Cancer Screen

Screening can save lives and money by detecting cancer at its earliest most treatable stages when the 5yr survival approaches 90% versus just 10% in later stages

Our lung cancer and breast cancer tests are foundational on our quest to developing a Multi-Cancer Screen.

We are well positioned to develop a multi-cancer screen by leveraging our lung test, breast test, proprietary technology, substantial EIA biompedance database, and our deep clinical experience.

Not available for sale in the USA.