A Modern Approach to Early Cancer Detection

Non-invasively Detecting the Body's Earliest Response to Cancer

Published evidence shows the earliest stages of cancer cause an oversized physiological alteration (i.e.: cytokine storm) to the body’s tissue matrix, interstitial fluid and extracellular fluids. 

IONIQ detects that change digitally. 

With no needles, no radiation and no surgery. 

The IONIQ System utilizes patented Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) or bioimpedance technology to non-invasively record approximately 10,000 electrical measurements of the body over a 20 minute period. 

Our proprietary algorithm processes this data near-instantaneously to determine the likelihood of malignancy in its earliest stages thereby potentially improving survival and reducing costs. 

And more data can yield even greater accuracy. Utilizing AI and ML, the addition of risk factors and patient demographics can further improve performance beyond our initial planned ‘indication for use.’ 

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Clinical Evidence

IONIQ excels in early detection where the standard of care fails

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Modern Cancer Screen

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve worked with premier institutions around the world accumulating a substantial library of clinical evidence resulting in a Breakthrough Device designation from the US FDA for our ProLung Test. From this foundation, we are transitioning from developing a single Lung Cancer Test to a Multi-Cancer Screen.